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ASIROPA would like to make the harbor of Mersin, Turkey, the main port for all transports into and out of the Middle East due to the city’s strategic location. We began building a warehouse, as Mersin is the largest and best-developed port for transports into the Middle East.
The warehouse will have:

• 5,000 m² (approx. 54,000 f ²) for refrigerated cargo

• 5,000 m² (approx. 54,000 f ²) for dry cargo

The property is located in a tax free zone approximately 800 meters (approx. 2,600 feet) from the docks of the harbor. With its own personnel, various storage possibilities and years of research and planning to set up the ASIROPA-Center in Mersin, we are in a highly competitive and advantageous position.

Our skilled multilingual staff, and our excellent business relationships with the Turkish authorities, are all advantages that will lead to the extremely fast dispatching of ships or trucks and will therefore avoid delays. In urgent cases, our expertise allows us to take care of customs-related problems, quickly and easily. 




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